Competition Process
According to the unified evaluation rules and selection criteria formulated by the Organizing Committee Office of the 2022 YIIEC, following the principle of “openness, fairness and competitiveness", the participating projects are selected based on the aspects of technology and products, business model and implementation scheme, industry and market, financial analysis and team structure.

4 July - 5 August 2022
Ends on 15 August 2022
22 August - 25 August 2022
Expected in 15-16 December 2022
Due Diligence & Incubation
22 August - 31 December 2022
Brief Introduction of 2022 YIIEC
YIIEC is designed to provide a competition platform with practical incubation benefits for international youth. With Yunnan's special geographical advantages and relevant supporting policies, we seek to accelerate the development of the Science and Technology Innovation Center for South and Southeast Asia, firmly establish the strategic position of talent leading development, attract more talents at home and abroad to innovate and start businesses in Yunnan, accelerate the cultivation of new advantages in industrial development and create a new highland of opening to the outside world. Therefore, Yunnan urgently needs to reserve professional talents. The competition opens to projects from a number of strategic emerging industries, such as biomedicine, new energy resources, new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, green & environmental protection, digital Yunnan, highland featured agriculture, as well as cultural tourism and healthcare.
Use the team leader's 
e-mail to set up an account, only one account is needed per team.
Preparation Guide
Please read the “Competition Guide” thoroughly, which helps the  participating  teams to choose your participating  projects wisely.
Competition Requirements
Please read the“BP  Requirements "carefully and pay close attention to the dress code when  participating  in the  competition.
Completion of Registration
Upload your BP and fill in all the relevant  information when  registering .
Introduction to the Industrial Development in Yunnan
With the opinions on promoting the development of key industries issued by the Yunnan provincial Party committee and Yunnan provincial government, we can see that in the next five years, Yunnan will greatly develop eight industries, which include the biomedicine and health industry, tourism and cultural industry, information industry, logistics industry, modern agriculture with highland features, new material industry, advanced equipment manufacturing industry, food and consumer goods manufacturing industry. On the basis of consolidating and improving Yunnan's traditional pillar industries, we will strive to promote the development of key industries, accelerate the formation of new industrial clusters, and create a new engine of economic growth in the province. Therefore, the competition will also open to projects from a number of strategically emerging industries such as biomedicine (Biomed), new energy resources, new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing (AEM), green and environmental protection (G&E), digital Yunnan, highland featured agriculture (HFA), cultural tourism and healthcare (CT&H) etc.
Project Implementation and Incubation

Q1: How to register for the competition?

A1: Click the word “register” below the right-hand-side picture or top right corner of our official web page. A registration account is needed to be set up first. Please follow the instructions on the page after clicking “register” to set up an account.

Q2: How many team leader’s information do we need to fill-in?

A2: Only 1 team leader’s information is needed.

Q3: Is it necessary to fill in the information of all team members?

A3: Yes it is necessary to fill in all team members’ information.

Q4: How do we know if we meet the participating criteria?

A4: Please scroll to the “Brief Introduction of 2022 YIIEC” on the homepage and click “Read” to view or scroll to the top of the registration form to download the Competition Guide or click "Guide" at the top of the main page to read the participation criteria. The Competition Organizing Committee will review the submitted registration form and you will be informed if you have met the criteria via e-mail.

Q5: How do we get informed on the registration and competition status?

A5: The registration and competition status will be informed to the participants via e-mail, or you can check your status in the Member Center (click open the account you created on the top right corner of the website homepage. You can then enter to see your status).

Q6: How to contact the Competition Organizers?

A6: The main mode of contact is via e-mail, but if the matter is urgent, participants can also contact the Competition Organizers via phone calls. The e-mail address and contact number can be found at the bottom of the official website.